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Annual General Meeting 2022/23
Wednesday February 8th 2023
4:00 PM AEDT

On behalf of the Board and Staff of Harm Reduction Victoria,

we are very pleased to invite you to our AGM on 8 February 2023.


We were hoping to have our AGM in person this year but unfortunately, we have had to
make the decision to hold it online only.

Please Join Us ONLINE for our Annual General Meeting this Wednesday 8th February at 4pm. Either copy and paste the Zoom link below into your browser or click the “JOIN HERE” button at 4pm Wednesday 08/02/23

Zoom Link:

We have tried our best to ready our new premises on time but unfortunately, our fire safety equipment will not being installed in time.

As there were the same number of nominations as there are vacancies we will not need a secret ballot.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We look forward to seeing you online once again,

Sione Crawford


Have Other Commitments and Can't Attend at All?
If you are unable to attend at all, you may wish to vote by proxy.

An “Appointment of Proxy” form can be sent to you directly.

Contact to request the AOP form along with clear instructions on its use.  

Please reach out if you have any questions & we look forward to seeing all of you in a few weeks and welcoming you to our new space! 

Notes For Zoom Meeting Attendees

  • We will have a waiting room system and will admit people from 3:30pm onwards.

  • All attendees will be muted on entry by default.

  • As per normal practice, we will check off members as we admit attendees into the virtual 'meeting room'.

  • If you are a member, please ensure your Zoom nameplate reflects your member name so we can count your vote if needed.

  • We will assign members an “M” in their Zoom nameplate, so that we can identify members easily during the proceedings.


Members who are sharing a computer:

Please message us at the start of the meeting at the HRVic Zoom Account so the Secretary can count your vote

AGM Forms Available Here 

Voting at The AGM

HRVic members attending the AGM are asked to vote in a few different cases.

This year those cases are as follows:

  • To accept the minutes of the previous AGM (see link above to watch meeting recording)

  • To accept the Financial Report (Presented at the AGM by the Treasurer)

  • To approve the Appointment of Auditors for the forthcoming financial year

  • To appoint the nominees to the Board of HRVic 

Please Note: Only Members of HRVic are allowed to vote at the HRVic AGM.

This year the HRVic AGM will be a hybrid meeting.( ie. we are accepting both In Person attendees and  Online attendees.) 

If an election needs to be held to vote for members of the Board of HRVic (i.e.when the number of people nominating to the Board is higher than the number of vacant positions on the Board), it will be put to a vote including all Members-both in person and online.

Voting By Proxy

If you are not able to attend the AGM, you can vote by proxy. This means you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf (using the Appointment of Proxy form). You can appoint as your proxy the Board Secretary or another HRVic member. Any HRVic member can only be a proxy for TWOother HRVic members. You can allow your appointed proxy to choose how to vote on your behalf or you can indicate your preferred candidates. The names of candidates who have been nominated to the Board will be emailed to members on Wednesday, 1 February 2023 and also posted to the HRVic website.

Please email if you need a proxy form.

If you are not on the list of members (including where we have your name as a nickname), you will not be able to vote.

Board Nominees
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