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What/Who is DanceWIze? 

DanceWize is Australia's original, by peer for peer run party-centric harm reduction service. We deliver peer 2 peer substance specific care and support services for music events and festivals across Victoria.


Starting as a grassroots Victorian group known as RaveSafe, DanceWize has been a program of Harm Reduction Victoria (HRVic) since 1999 and is partially funded by the Victorian Department of Health (DoH).

So successful is the DanceWize model that peer run drug user organisations across Australia have trialled and adopted the model. In 2017, NUAA started and administered it's own spin off-DanceWize NSW.

HRVic is part of a national network of peer based drug user orgs which are able to support the emergence of similar programs in other parts of the country too. This network promotes health rights, human rights and harm reduction.