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Substance Name: NBOMe or N-methoxybenzyl 

AKA: N-Bomb, 25I, 25I-Nbome, 2C-I-Nbome, Bom-25, PANDORA, SOLARIS, DIVINATION, WIZARD SmileyPaper

Basic Info: While NBOMe is often referred to as a drug, it's not a singular drug but a series of drugs that contain an N-methoxybenzyl group.

The most common NBOMes that are used are extensions of the 2C family of phenethylamine psychedelics that were discovered by Dr Alexander Shulgin. Some, such as 2C-B, became popular in the 1990s as a substitute for MDMA (commonly referred to as ecstasy).


A relatively new and popular research chemical, there are a number of different NBOMes. The most common substances in the group are 25I-NBOMe, 25B-NBOMe and 25C-NBOMe.  (continued below)


While they belong to the same drug type, their chemical structures have differences. These are the 3 that we will focus on for this Substance Spotlight. 

The NBOMe series are analogues of the 2C series of psychedelic phenethylamine drugs that include an N-methoxybenzyl substituent. NBOMes are also referred to as a research chemicals, or New/Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) because they are designed to mimic or produce similar effects to common illicit drugs-in this case, psychedelics. 

Psychedelics are drugs which alter the perception, causing a number of mental effects which manifest or show up in many forms including altered states of consciousness, visual or tactile (feely) effects. 
It is often sold in blotter (paper tab) but can also come in capsules, tablets, as a liquid, or as a powder. It is often mis-sold as LSD as it is much cheaper to produce. Users report an uncomfortable body load with very strong visuals, though with less of a mental aspect than most psychedelics. 

Because they have received a lot of negative coverage in the media and have caused multiple fatalities, NBOMes don’t have a good reputation. Nevertheless, it’s typically safe at lower common doses and some people enjoy its effects.

When using strong+ doses, it may be more likely to cause confusion and be overwhelming than other psychedelics. It could also contribute to HPPD* at a somewhat higher rate.

About NBOMe


Most commonly ingested orally, paper blotters are taken sublingually (put under the tongue), or held in the cheek.

Powdered NBOMes are sometimes snorted although it can be difficult to regulate the dose.


In any system where drugs are illegal, a safe supply can never be expected nor guaranteed making drug use inherently risky. The mentioned doses below are based on information available to HRVic at the time of print and we can NOT give any guarantee of safety as the effects of these doses can vary greatly from one person to another.

Buccal (in cheek) & Sublingual (under tongue)
Light: 200 – 500 μg
Common: 500 – 800 μg
Strong: 700 – 1000 μg

Buccal & Sublingual 
Light: 100 – 300 μg
Common: 350– 500 μg
Strong: 500-700 μg

Buccal & Sublingual
Light: 100-300 μg
Common: 300-800 μg
Strong: 800+ μg

Paper Blotters typically range in concentration from 500 μg to 1500 μg. There can and will be a bit of variation in their content and you can’t necessarily trust the dosing a seller recommends. As such, this is not a drug where more than one blotter should ever be taken. 

To look up other NBOMe doses we recommend that you do your own research and talk to peers who are experienced with it.
See our resources at the end for places to look.

NBOMes are very potent. Only a small amount is needed to have an effect. This is not a psychedelic for the rookie.

Exceeding 1500 micrograms of any NBOMe type can lead to death.

NBOMes can come in the form of blotting paper (like LSD) with images & logos printed on them, a clear liquid, white powder or in caps or tablet/pill form.



How It Looks


The following is a list of possible effects, which may vary from person to person.

Please note:

The likelihood of negative side effects increases with higher doses.


  • Strong open/closed eye visuals, including trails, color shifts, brightening, etc.

  • Mood lift

  • Euphoria

  • Mental and physical stimulation

  • Increase in associative & creative thinking

  • Increased awareness & appreciation of music

  • Life-changing spiritual experiences

  • Erotic, sexual thoughts and sensations

  • Feelings of love and empathy


  • General change in consciousness

  • Pupil dilation

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Unusual body sensations (facial flushing, chills, goosebumps, body energy)

  • Change in perception of time, time dilation

  • Slight increase in heart rate

  • Yawning


  • Confusion

  • Looping

  • Scrambled communication

  • Nausea

  • Vasoconstriction

  • Insomnia

  • Looping, recursive, out of control thinking

  • Paranoia, fear, and panic, agitation

  • Unwanted and overwhelming feelings

  • Unwanted life-changing spiritual experiences

  • Seizures

  • Hypothermia

  • Organ failure

  • Death



Afterglow- An afterglow may be present until a day after use, sometimes more depending on the individual.


A relatively high rate of HPPD has been reported (all anecdotal data) after the use of the NBOMe chemicals.


Depending on how it is administered, and which variant and other substances are cut into it, the effects of NBOMe can last anywhere from 5 to 24 hours. 


Onset:            45-90 minutes
Duration:        5-10 hours
After-effects: 6-24 hours


Onset:     20-40 minutes
Duration:    8-12 hours
After-effects:    2-6 hours


Onset:     20-40 minutes
Duration:    8-12 hours
After-effects:    2-6 hours

Tabs of NBOMe are sometimes mis-sold as LSD.

This is worrying because LSD starts to take effect quicker than NBOMe, so people who are expecting their trip to start sooner assume they haven’t taken enough and take another hit.
This can have serious consequences as it greatly increases the risk of overdose.


Internationally, there have been multiple deaths linked to NBOMe, mostly due to overdoses. This is because it is very hard to get an accurate dose. It is very easy for someone estimating NBOMe doses to get this wrong and take too much.

• Always try to use in a safe environment with friends & people you trust who have some knowledge of basic first aid and access to a phone.

• Due to its high potency, you should avoid ANY intranasal use. (snorting) 

• As a general rule- Always start with a very small amount to test the strength. 

• NBOMe can usually be distinguished from LSD by its bitter and metallic taste. Unlike LSD, it numbs the gums and tongue.

• Low doses are safer, especially If you aren’t sure what you have. NBOMe is very potent and a small amount can result in overdose.

• Snorting drugs is often risky – taking NBOME this way has been associated with hospitalisations and death.

• Avoid re-dosing, it can increase the chance of overdose.

• Avoid mixing drugs as the combined effects can be unpredictable and increase risk. NBOMe is a powerful psychedelic and not much is known about how it interacts with other substances.

Safer Using Tips


‘Set’ is the mindset you bring with you to the using experience. It includes your physical, emotional & spiritual condition, what you expect about the drug’s effects & how you react to it.

‘Setting’ is the environment that you are in. This includes the social environment, who you are with and the physical surroundings, e.g. at home, at a festival or an unfamiliar location. 


The Law

N-methoxybenzyl is a *controlled substance in Australia. 

*The laws surrounding NBOMe and other new/novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are complex and vary across jurisdictions.

In order to deal with the rapid growth in the number of NPS, from 2013 onwards some Australian states (including QLD, NSW, SA and WA) introduced blanket bans on possessing or selling any substance that has a psychoactive effect (exempting alcohol, tobacco and food).

In other Australian jurisdictions, specific NPS are banned with additional NPS regularly added to the list. 

Commonwealth laws are also in place that ban any substance with a psychoactive effect that is not otherwise covered by existing legislation.


NBOMe are not a part of routine drug screens (for work or other testing scenarios) available in hospital or other clinical laboratories.

There are no rapid immunoassay screening tests or point-of-care devices that can detect the presence of NBOMe in urine specimens.

Testing NBOMe in serum is typically not available in most hospitals.


Presently, a few commercial reference laboratories offer a qualitative screen to identify the presence of 25I-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe, and 25B-NBOMe in blood, serum, or urine samples.

Detection & Drug Tests


NBOMe are not tested for in roadside drug tests. 

Always be aware when you’ve been combining substances as other substances- knowingly or not - MAY be detectable such as cannabis or MDMA.


If you thought testing pills was just a recent idea, think again. Drug checking services have been developed over the last 25 years in over 30 countries and are one of the best proven strategies for reducing drug-related harm.

'Drug checking' or 'Pill Testing'- whether in a laboratory or on site at music festivals or other events- is not yet legal in Australia.


However, there are other legal ways you can test drugs to find out what they contain.

It IS LEGAL to buy multi-use REAGENT DRUG TEST KITS in Australia, either online or in store at authorised distributors. 

(see links below to purchase)

It is IMPORTANT to know that reagent tests will ONLY tell you if the substance you are testing for is IN the pill or tab or powder that you test. 

It WONT tell you- how MUCH of that substance is in it or how pure that substance is- unless you test separately for all the possible cutters and adulterants.

For more information around Pill Testing and how to convince pour politicians that harm reduction is an essential part of Health care 

Compare reagent kits and purchase through these links.
HRVic is not affiliated or sponsored by any of the advertised suppliers/ distributors. 

DrugPolicyAustralia Kit
DrugPolicyAustralia Kit

The kit includes the following reagents: Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke, Simon’s, and Buffer. Doing multiple test with difference reagents allows a higher degree of accuracy to determine the substance and possible adulterants. Drug Testing Reagent Kits come with eyedropper, instructions and colour chart to help you identify 17 different substances, incl. some known contaminates & poisons. Each Pill Testing Kit contains enough reagent for approx. 400 tests. Chemicals are stable at room temp.

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ClariChem Reagent Test Kit
ClariChem Reagent Test Kit

The ClariChem Originals All-in-One kit is the standard ClariChem Substance Research Reagent Kit containing: Mandelin Reagent (25ml) Marquis Reagent (25ml) Mecke Reagent (25ml) Simon’s Reagent A (25ml) Simon’s Reagent B (25ml)

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EZtest LSD
EZtest LSD

EZ Test for LSD (Ehrlich reagent) is a test that can be used to test for the presence of LSD or other Indoles such as DMT, 5-MeO-DMT (a.k.a. Foxy Methoxy), 5-Meo-MiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT, Psilocybin, Psilocine, 4-acetoxy-DMT (a sort of synthetic psilocine analogue) and many others…

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Complete9 in 1 Drug Testing Kit_1024x1024_2x
Complete9 in 1 Drug Testing Kit_1024x1024_2x

DoseTest bottled reagents provides approximately 100 tests and is fantastic value for users who will be testing multiple substances or for those who simply wish to have extra tests on hand. DoseTest also offers a one of a kind tool that allows you to conveniently search your results online. The Complete 11 in 1 Test Kit incl. all 11 reagents: Marquis, Ehrlich, Mandelin, Liebermann, Mecke, Froehde, Hoffman, Robadope A, Robadope B, Simon A & Simon B providing a comprehensive analysis of substance

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Reagent Pill Test Kits (Mandelin + Marquis)
Reagent Pill Test Kits (Mandelin + Marquis)

These Forensic testing liquids by Chemical Generation are a reliable and easy-to-use solution for testing your pills for harmful adulterants. Detailed instructions and a colour reaction sheet are included.

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DanceSafe- Complete Set Of All 9 Reagents
DanceSafe- Complete Set Of All 9 Reagents

All nine of our reagents in one convenient and cheaper package. Contains everything in our MDMA kit, Cocaine kit, Ketamine kit and LSD kit, along with Mandelin reagent, Folin reagent (for detecting piperazines) and Mecke reagent (an alternative to Marquis). Each bottle can test 50 to 75 times.

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Slow Purple.
No colour change.
Yellow > Black.
No colour change.

Test Name             Colour result












Orange > Black.

Brown > Black. 

Brown > Black. 


 No colour change.

Dark Green. 

Dark Green.

Red and Green.


Yellow > Black.

No colour change.








The information in this WHACK #45- NBOMe Substance Spotlight has been collected and collated from multiple up to date and reliable resources.

These include:

Tripsit Factsheets

The Drug Classroom


The Erowid Vaults

Australian Drug Foundation
NBOMe-a Very different Kettle of Fish-by D.Caldicott, S. Bright, M. Barratt
State Library NSW 
World Health Organisation

and last but not least - 

our own personal experiences with it.

We encourage you to use these resources and find new ones to do your own research and to keep up with the latest info as novel psychoactive substances (NPS) are constantly evolving. 


Harm Reduction Victoria has a series of substance specific information brochures available -
We currently cover 18 different substances.

You can order them or download them to print yourself, directly from our website’s RESOURCE page:

If you have an idea of a substance you think needs covering, please email