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Getting On - Getting Older

Our Story

Harm Reduction Victoria is pleased to introduce you to 'GoGo'.

Getting On, Getting Older (GoGo)

is a new project in development:

Targeting the health and social needs of us oldies

who inject/use drugs – now and into the future. 


GoGo is where the elders of our community can gather

to discuss our needs as older people who use drugs and more importantly, to communicate those needs in ways that effect change that has to happen to be sure we are all looked after appropriately as we get older.  

Are you 50 years young or over and use substances?

Fill out this anonymous survey now




Do you work with people Over 50

who use drugs?

Fill out this  survey now



 What are you experiencing as an older person who uses drugs? What are your concerns for your future?

How can services work with older drug users

to maintain a certain standard 

or to improve their quality of care? 

If you consider yourself an ‘older’ drug user, we want your input.

We want to know what YOU want.

We want to know what YOU need or

know what you think you WILL need

as an older person who uses drugs- who is getting older. 


"Services for 'ageing drug users' simply do not exist. Why? -because until recently, we didn't get older. 

It's about figuring out what we need and want and then creating those services for ourselves and ensuring they're available in the future- for all people who enjoy substances" - Sam

"I want to be taken seriously when I say I feel pain..and I want to be treated for that pain. I had to take and give my dying friend illicit drugs because their pain was not being managed appropriately while in palliative care-it was devastating." - Anonymous

"I want to go to the doctor to and have my health issues and pain taken seriously- not just assume it's the result of my using." - Anonymous

Let's Talk About it:

Interested in being contacted to be part of the GoGo consultation?

here to go directly to survey or contact us by filling out this form: > 

Thanks for submitting!
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