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Pharmacotherapy Advocacy Mediation Support

A phone service that assists with methadone / Suboxone / long-acting bupe injection 
(Buvidal / Sublocade) issues between clients and prescribers and dispensers.

1800 443 844


HRVic's PAMS service is Victoria's only pharmacotherapy advocacy and mediation service.

PAMS is a telephone service ONLY. 

You will need to call the PAMS phone line if you have any enquiries or issues that are not in the Client or Providers

FAQ sections.

Please note: As we are a state-wide phone service, please be patient- you may get the answering machine when you call. If you do- PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE -include your first name, and a short message about your issue and a CONTACT number we can reach you on.

*If your issue is URGENT, or you are calling from a prison or detention facility where a call back is difficult, please state that in your message along with a time you will call back or we can call you.

Please do not keep calling if you get the answer machine as this only takes up our time checking messages when we could be calling you or someone else back.  

PAMS is a confidential service – we do not discuss you or your situation with any other party without your consent.

(As we are a telephone service, consent is, in most cases, provided verbally.)

New or Existing Patients

Prescribers / Dispensers



when used with regard to substance use

refers to the replacement of a person’s drug of dependence

with a legally prescribed

and dispensed substitute.

The information provided here is for people whose opioid dependency

has currently become problematic or unmanageable for them.

The most commonly used opioids in Australia today are prescription formulations (codeine, oxycontin, morphine, fentanyl, etc), illicit opioids such as heroin, and the pharmacotherapy medications methadone and buprenorphine.

All opioids have the potential to produce physical dependence. 

Pharmacotherapy for opioid users is sometimes referred to as Opioid Replacement Therapy/Treatment (ORT), Opioid Pharmacotherapy Program (OPP), or Opioid Substitution Therapy/Treatment (OST) and now Medically Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependency (MATOD).


Though maybe not for everyone,

many find that pharmacotherapy has the ability to stabilise their condition,

allowing them to devote more time to managing or repairing their lives.


Once stabilised, clients may find they wish to strive for a drug-free existence by slowly reducing their dosage – or else they may be satisfied with a maintenance program and stay stable.


Pharmacotherapy has been found to reduce opiate-related harm to both the individual and society. Though other treatments exist (cognitive behavioural therapy(CBT), drug detoxification and (rehab) treatment centres etc., being on a pharmacotherapy program is at present our most effective answer to the problems associated with opioid dependence.

Pharmacotherapy programs are available throughout most of Australia.

However, each state or territory has its own pharmacotherapy policy

and programs can vary considerably.



There are four different pharmacotherapy drugs available in Victoria.

Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

When deciding with your doctor which is right for you, it may be helpful to check out our  fact sheets below:

Methadone Syrup , Biodone Forte (liquid)

Physeptone* (tablet)

*Only available for travel

Buprenorphine (sublingual tablet)

Buprenorphine / Naloxone

(sublingual film)

(tablet, subcutaneous implant, injection)

Depot Buprenorphine

(long acting buprenorphine injection)



• you can’t get a dose or a number of doses
• you have been told to get a new prescriber or pharmacy due to a problem
• you feel you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly

by your pharmacist or GP
• are thinking of starting or resuming a pharmacotherapy program and

have any questions or there is a problem or concern

  • you are travelling inter-state or overseas and are on a pharmacotherapy program and need more information travelling


 If you are a prescriber or dispenser in need of information or advice,

on ANY client related issue or concern

All calls are entirely confidential.

PAMS is a free, partially government-funded service.



PAMS is open from 11 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday.






or Email us:

NB: Email enquiries MAY take up to 72 hours for a response as we prioritise telephone enquiries. 

*Please note that our 'free-call' number is unfortunately NOT free from mobile phones.

If you are calling from a mobile, let us know and we will call you straight back.



If you are NOT in Victoria and you have a problem with your program, your local your state or territory drug-user organisation may be able to help you.

QLD – Queensland Pharmacotherapy Advocacy Mediation & Support Service (QPAMS)

          PH: 1800 175 889 – a program of the Queensland Drug User Organisation (QUIVAA)

WA –  Opiate Replacement Pharmacotherapy Advocacy and Complaints Service (ORPACS)

          PH: (08) 9321 2877 – a program of the WA Drug User Organisation (WASUA)

NSWMACS a program of Rankin Court (public clinic)

           PH: 1800 642 428

SA- DASSA Drug & Alcohol Services SA

        PH: 1300 13 1340

Check the AIVL (the national drug user organisation) website or phone AIVL directly on 02 62791600 for more info on your state.

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