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On this day we remember not only all those we have lost to the drug and all the years we have lost in prisons around the world but all the amazing positive difference we make – from overdose response to drug checking to peer support and education to hep C treatment  navigation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit our communities globally very hard.


While Harm Reduction Victoria has been affected, the team have continued much of our work, despite being less able to engage in face to face & peer to peer work.

We rallied quickly to reach out to community when the Flemington / North Melbourne Housing hard lockdown came down. We worked with close partners to do on the ground outreach in truly awful circumstances.

We have worked with service providers and allies to provide naloxone and needle and syringe outreach to the hotels in central Melbourne.

We have delivered naloxone training online and PAMS has assisted hundreds of people to start or remain on opioid substitution treatment over their phoneline.

Our ace designer and Health Promotion Team have pushed out awesome info about COVID-19 and DanceWize has not missed a beat in supporting their community.


Today we are so proud to release a new video in partnership with SSDP and Pill Testing Australia.

"Pill Testing Explained" -2020

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