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Hepatitis C treatment has changed significantly and quickly over the past 4 years.

Keeping punters, clients and patients informed has never been more important.

If we are to reach our elimination goals here in Australia, we all need to do our part to dispell the myths and clear up any misguiding rumours around the new treatments so that people realise that they CAN do treatment!  

Harm Reduction Victoria and the EC Project have collaborated -with much input from our peers- on this NEW pocket sized Hep C Treatment resource that answers client's questions and puts minds at ease. Doubling as an appointment card, Drs and clinicians can write appointment details on the resource itself to keep the ball rolling or start it off! 


All monies cover postage and printing costs.

Harm Reduction Victoria is a not for profit, peer run organisation.

EC Ezy Card- Hep C Treatment "things Have Changed" (25 cards)

SKU: HRVicEC_EZYcard_50
स्टाक खत्म
  • Size:  Business card sized when folded (90mm x 55mm)

             220mm x 90mm when opened

    Orientation: Landscape (when open)

                       Portrait (when folded) 

                       Double sided

    Colour:  CMYK (full colour)


  • The cost of $2.00 is for postage of 50 -150 pieces.

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