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NEW UPDATED SETS HAVE STARTED ARRIVING! We have 17 substances available now .


SAY KNOW TO DRUGS! ‘ Know your Body, Know your Mind, Know your Substance-Know your Limits."  Set of 17 x  substance specific information brochures .

Includes:-Alcohol -Benzos (Benzodiazepines) -Cannabis- Cocaine- DMT -DXM -GHB -Methamphetamine- 'Nangs' - Psilocybin -MDMA -2CB-Alkyl Nitrites , Ketamine, LSD, Heroin & Opioids



*UPDATED Substance Specific Brochure Set*

  • Direct Transfer funds in Australian dollars (AUD) to:

    BSB: 313140

    Account number: 12053322

    Account name: Harm Reduction Victoria


    Reference:  Your Name and Order Number  (eg. JoeBlogs_Order100847)

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