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WHACK Magazine is HRVic’s flagship publication.

A magazine written and designed

BY people who use drugs

FOR people who use drugs.




WHACK is an integral part of Victoria's community of people who use drugs.  Our mission to advance the health and human rights of people who use drugs by sharing information, supporting and empowering each other.

Currently WHACK magazine comes out QUARTERLY - Spring, Summer, Autumn and WInter. 

Due to increases in printing and postage prices and staff workloads, HRVic does it's best to keep to this timeline but can occasionally be held up.

Please be patient when ordering more WHACKs for distribution and consider our back catalogue if you've run out.  

By providing our community with a free platform to be able to express our thoughts and feelings

and that delivers factual, relevant information about issues that directly relate to our lives including up to date information about substances, and reducing the harms associated with drug use – in particular reducing the risk of HIV, hep C and hep B.

Due to the diverse & marginalised nature of our community, we do our best to present the info in such a way as to have wide appeal & lasting impact & to represent the different perspectives of a wide range of contributors –

from peers to researchers to carers and allies to workers and back to peers..

The information takes on an array of forms- from the informative to the ridiculous – and everything in between. 

We are constantly on the search for new ways to share our harm reduction messaging and to extend the reach of that message- all while staying true to our roots. 


Back Issues -
Late 1980's to TODAY!

We are 50 magazines deep!

The library of magazines you see before you represents the vast body of work that HRVic’s dedicated workers & volunteers and community have created over the last three decades.

Back issues of the magazine are provided in digital form for ease of access & in order to spread the harm reduction message as widely as possible.


1. CLICK on the COVER of the issue you wish to see.

*We are still in the process of linking each magazine for your convenience.

Please be patient with us while we get them all uploaded for you.

WHACK is going GREEN.

Currently we print 3.5k paper copies of WHACK magazine every 4 (or so) months.

That equals 14,000 magazines of (average) 40+ pages each = 560,000 A4 paper pages- PER YEAR.

Times that number by 50 magazines (roughly) and that comes to approx. 28 million pieces of A4 paper which is around 140 trees per magazine!!

That is a whole lot of trees.

You can imagine that after 50 magazines over 30 years .......  

                                                                                             This bothers us.                    A lot.  


We know that our community do their part and pass on the mag when they have read it,

or will read it while at the services they attend and then will leave it for the next readers.

It all helps.

We thought we would make it easier for our members to read WHACK online so we have changed up the online format of WHACK from a flip book pdf to a web page. 

Having WHACK as a webpage means that we can make stories and articles more interactive and make them so they can connect directly to the sources or to the links and feeds of the authors or artists or to other similar stories and articles in other publications. 

Check out WHACK issue #45 which was our first 1/2 1/2 online/paper issue. 

And keep an eye out for WHACK #46 the AUTUMN issue out early May 2022. 

Please let us know what you think! 

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