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HRVic's latest program brings people with lived experience

and authentic, relevant, real-world, CURRENT experience with:

  • substance use - various substances, injecting and otherwise

  • experience with Hepatitis B - living with and treatment of

  • experience with Hepatitis C- living with and treatment of

  • experience with HIV - prevention and treatment

  • experience with stigma & discrimination in healthcare settings,

      in the workplace etc. as a person who uses drugs in

      Victoria/Australia, and/ or as a person with a BBV

HRVic's lived experience speakers are trained, remunerated and given ongoing support by HRVic and choose to speak candidly of our experiences publically at forums, conferences, panels and presentations. We at HRVic and we as peers and speakers feel that sharing real experience and putting real faces to real stories is the only way educate, enlighten and inform health workers and to challenge and combat stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs and people with BBVs.


For More Information about booking a 'Speaking Peer-spectively' lived experience speaker or to enquire about becoming a speaker on HRVic's 'Speaking Peer-spectively' team please email or call 9329 1500.

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