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Stories of
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Stories of Stigma and Discrimination is a participatory filmmaking project delivered by filmmaker and communications specialist Conor Ashleigh for Harm Reduction Victoria (HRVic).

The initial concept for the project emerged when Harm Reduction Victoria identified the need to understand the experiences of stigma and discrimination among people who inject drugs when accessing health care.


By understanding the experiences of people who inject drugs, HRVic can better advocate and educate health providers and governments on the needs of our community-people who inject drugs..

The Films


A phobia of needles isn’t the only reason someone would avoid having their blood taken. Find out about negative impacts that just one bad health experrience can have on the life of a person who injects drugs.

Video 1 looks at this issue in detail.


Refused Hep C Treatment

Imagine being refused treatment just because of the way you look,or because the GP thinks you need something other than what you came to see them for? This is a regular occurance for many people who use drugs.

Video 2 looks at this issue in detail.


This Town Is Too Small

Imagine having to put your life into the hands of someone that you don’t trust? Scary thought isn’t it? This can be an issue for people who inject drugs that is often made worse for people living in regional areas. 

Video 3 looks at this issue in detail.


Not Enough Time

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days including GPs. Getting an appointment only to discover that there’s not enough time to talk about everything you wanted to is frustrating (for both parties) there’s no harm in asking for a longer appointment when you book in.

Video 4 highlights this issue.


My Daily Serve

Being on pharmacotherapy requires you to attend your pharmacy on a regular basis. That doesn’t sound like a big deal but actually doing it proves difficult for a lot of us. Whether once, twice a week or every day, it’s a task that a lot of people end up resenting.Video 5 in this series focusses on these reasons.

01 My Veins Are My Domain

01 My Veins Are My Domain

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