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Robyn Dwyer –

Robyn Dwyer has an extensive background in drugs and public health-related research. Her research interests include patterns of social interaction, social and cultural meanings, and lived experiences as shaped by social, cultural, economic and political contexts. Robyn received her PhD from Curtin University in 2009, and has worked at several major research institutes and health centres in Melbourne and Sydney, including the National Drug Research Institute, the Burnet Institute, Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre and the Kirketon Road Centre.

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Emily Lenton

Emily has worked in the blood-borne virus and other drug sector for 20 years. During this time, she has worked in health promotion, research and direct service provision. Emily is committed to working towards a health and community sector that places people with a lived experience central to any programs, activities and research. She is currently employed as a program coordinator for the BBV Sector Development Program at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (La Trobe University).

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Joël is a policy nerd, keen gardener and queer. They use their lived experience of HIV, hep C and injecting drug use in their advocacy efforts to further the health and human rights of people who drugs. They are currently the Manager Community Health & Wellbeing Programs (which includes AOD programs and NSP) at ACON Health in NSW. 

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Kaspian has worked in harm reduction and primary health services by and for people who use drugs, since 2002, in the ACT and Victoria, in a range of different types of roles, including service delivery, program management, education and advocacy.

He has always believed and acted upon the perspective that people who are personally affected by drug use, and especially highly stigmatised types of drug use, should be centre stage in determining what, where, and how services for communities and individuals are provided, including of course health advocacy.

As such he is very pleased to be able to contribute to the broad and important work of Harm Reduction Victoria as a board member.

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Jarrod McMaugh

Jarrod is a pharmacist with 20 years experience working in Victoria and rural NSW. He has a particular interest in harm reduction, reducing stigma, and drug law reform. Jarrod has a particular interest in work that reduces stigma from health professionals and the media, as well as changing the way drug use is treated as law issue rather than a personal, social, or health issue.

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Penny Hill is a PhD candidate at the Burnet Institute investigating the impact of health service use on opioid overdose among people who inject drugs, and works for the Centre for Research Excellence into Injecting Drug Use (CREIDU) and the National Naloxone Reference Group (NNRG). Penny has a background as a community health worker in harm reduction and needle syringe programs across Melbourne and Sydney, is the founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia, and is a Board Member of Harm Reduction Victoria, Harm Reduction Australia and is the Oceania Representative to the International Drug Consortium’s Members Advisory Council.     

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Gabrielle Bennett is a Registered Nurse/Midwife with experience working in community settings in Victoria and the Northern Territory around the issues of drug use, blood borne viruses, sexual health and primary health care. Gabrielle has extensive experience in working with vulnerable communities and has an interest in access issues and health inequities. She has worked in policy, education, public health and clinical settings.   She is currently employed as the Victorian Viral Hepatitis Educator based at St Vincent’s Melbourne. 

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Simon(sly) FaulKner -

Having decades of extensive lived experience of the kind of issues that face drug users, he continues to be unafraid in his advocacy and still firmly believes that things can and will get better, albeit slowly.  Going forward he is deeply concerned about rising incidence of mental health issues in the drug using community. 

Simon’s commitment to the pursuit of social justice, lived experience, extended community networks, and enthusiastic, positive and creative mindset is a very worthy and welcome addition to the HRVic board.

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Katia is a community lawyer and advocate for the rights of criminalised people and communities. Her work is informed by decarceration and grassroots organising, especially in the space of community legal education. Katia is interested in the way the law impacts on the lives of people who consume drugs, and its implications for individual and community safety and self-determination.  

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