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A pink and white capsule sold as ‘3C-P’ in Melbourne/Naarm contains the potent opioid protonitazene.

The Department of Health has issued a new Drug Alert about a pink and white capsule or white powder sold as ‘3C-P’ or in Melbourne containing the potent opioid protonitazene.

Opioids are central nervous system depressants, typically producing a range of effects including pain relief, sedation and respiratory depression (dangerously slow breathing).

Respiratory depression often appears more quickly with novel synthetic opioids (NSOs), increasing the risk of life-threatening overdose.

Protonitazene is an extremely potent NSO, which means it can produce strong effects in very small amounts.

There has been one serious recent hospitalisation in Victoria associated with this pink and white capsule.

Due to the potency of NSOs, the product produces strong adverse opioid effects such as loss of consciousness, respiratory depression, and life-threatening hypoxia (insufficient oxygen for normal functioning).

It’s important to know the signs of opioid overdose and to carry naloxone to reverse opioid overdose-even if you don't plan to take opioids.

HRVic has naloxone available for FREE from our NSP at 299-305 Victoria St Brunswick. We also have naloxone training EVERY 1st of the month ONLINE for FREE at 4:30pm. See website for details (

We can also do one on one training with you if you don't know how to use, when you come to pick up. Or check out our info on naloxone on our 'Recognise & Respond to Overdose' page.

Anyone who experiences adverse drug effects or is present when someone has an unexpected reaction to a drug should seek help immediately by calling Triple Zero (000).

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