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Does anyone out there remember the good old days of 'Speed'? Don't for one minute compare 'Ice' to speed -unless you have used speed you won't know what I'm talking about.

I always used to tell people speed was a social drug, it was always more fun to share it even when it meant paying for others to enjoy it with you (or if you were dealer giving some away). The amount of times I remember people coming or going to score and ending up partying with complete strangers, usually the middle man when scoring, when I say party I mean sitting around talking and socialising -most of the time we'd never see the same

people again. It would happen because that's the sort of buzz 'speed' gave you.

I had a special friend. So special. No one could make me laugh like she could, one time we were in prison together and all we done was laugh and eat, all the other girls couldn't understand what was so funny. At times we would be literally rolling around on the floor laughing. I used a lot of speed with her and she was value for money. It was one of those friendships that against all odds worked. She is long gone now, about 18 years and I still have days when I miss her so much I have a little cry and move on.

With speed- Another plus was the price. It never changed. Or seemed that way. I remember

buying a gram for $60 for at least 10 years and the quality never dropped below about a 6-7 out of 10. If you were really lucky you'd get an 8-9 and it was the exact same gear for a couple of years at a time.

I woke up one day and went to get on and the dealer just said 'No we don't sell that any more, but I've got some Ice if you want that.' I didn't want the Ice but what choice

did I have, 'None' and it turns out the Ice is $50 a point, just like that.

Whoever made the decision to stop the speed added about 400%

profit. A year or two down the track I went to score at the same place and I'm told, Oh, it's $100 a point now, no warning that the price is about to rise, no reason given. The dealers all just got a 100 % pay rise lucky dealers -very unlucky users.

What the hell?
The only place you would get away with treating your customers like that is in the drug trade.

I've always thought a union was needed to look after the users interests. Imagine if all the users had said "sorry we're not paying $100," I bet the price would have stayed the same. The saddest part of all this is that since the price doubled the quality has been slipping and slipping if it slips any further it will fall right off the end and won't even be an illegal drug any more just a mixture of crap. These young people that have only heard stories about speed truly have no idea what they missed out on. You got a 'happy high' from speed- it had little to no effect on most people's mental health and if you didn't have any you just went to bed for 2-3 days and slept it off.

Oh well even reminiscing about speed has put a smile on my face, all those happy memories spent with nice people, getting to know new people, and not overpriced. If you're out there and have used speed you know exactly what I'm on about. In my opinion, all the future holds with ice is less quality - more cost.

Maybe it's time to quit, things must be bad.




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